Take control of your vision and regain the independence of your life with the holistic eye care system now available at Russell Family Acupuncture.

Many vision conditions are quite treatable with acupuncture, micro-current stimulation, nutritional supplements, and Chinese herbal medicine. All degenerative eye conditions are symptoms of deeper issues in the body. Our holistic eye treatments focus on improving and maintaining your vision by identifying and correcting the root cause of your vision problems.

This specialized acupuncture treatments is used for a variety of medically diagnosed eye conditions. The most commonly treated conditions include:

Macular Degeneration * Cataracts * Glaucoma * Optic Neuritis * Diabetic Retinopathy * Retinitis Pigmentosa * Optic Nerve Atrophy * Stargardt’s Syndrome * Lazy Eye * Myopia * Usher’s Syndrome * Uveitis * Retinal Occlusion * Dry Eyes

At Russell Family Acupuncture it is our mission to provide you with effective treatments and health care steeped in the tradition of Chinese medicine.

When using acupuncture for eyesight, the visual cortex of the brain is activated and stimulates the retina and the optic nerve. It also stimulates microcirculation to the eye.


  • The course of treatment occurs over a two-week period. The patient has two treatments each day, Monday through Friday, during this period.
  • On the first visit a vision field scan is performed to determine the patient’s current vision. The patient then begins receiving the treatments.
  • Nutritional supplements, micro-current and diet strategies may be recommended, in addition to the acupuncture.
  • After the initial 10 treatments in the first four-day period, a second vision test is conducted and the two tests are compared.
  • At this time it is possible to determine if the treatments are working and if an individual is a “responder” or “non-responder.”
  • Once a positive subjective and/or objective change is measured, treatment will continue until the patient is satisfied or until there is no further improvement in the vision test.


  • Therapy involves acupuncture points in the hands, feet and forehead that will be stimulated for 20-30 minutes each time. Needles do not go in or near the eyes.
  • The average number of visits varies and is based on the severity of the disease and the length of time it has existed. Most patients continue with ten more treatments after the initial ten. The total of 20 treatments occurs within the two-week period.
  • The third visual field test is done after the conclusion of the initial two-week session.
  • It is expected that the patient will return one or two times a year to maintain optimal vision and to prevent further vision loss. Degenerative eye conditions need ongoing maintenance and will only worsen if neglected.
  • New patients need to understand that this is not a “miracle cure.” It takes time for some patients to see results – others see improvements right away.
  • Approximately 75% of patients attained their expectations of improvement.



Patients who are traveling from out of the area will need to stay in the area for two weeks during the treatment period.

Contact us for a list of hotels and attractions. Sonoma County is a destination vacation area. We are located in the heart of wine country, 40 minutes from San Francisco, 30 minutes from the redwood forest, and 20 minutes from the beach. Have your eye treatments in the morning and enjoy the area in the afternoon and on Saturday and Sunday.